Frequently Asked Questions

Will anyone know if I smoke during a challenge?

It is of course possible to smoke during a challenge and hide it from the other participants, but you will be cheating them, all of your supporters and ultimately yourself. Be honest and play fair!

How do I know that my friends won’t smoke during a challenge?

You don’t. This works on the honor system, so don’t participate in challenges with anyone you think won’t play fair.

How much money will I win?

That is entirely up to you! How many people can you motivate to join a challenge? How many of your friends and family will you have supporting you and cheering you on? The more people you can get to participate, the better your chances are of winning big.

Can I join or create multiple challenges?

Yes. You can join or create as many challenges as you wish.

Wait, isn’t this gambling?

Nope! Gambling implies that you have no control over the outcome of an event that you are putting money on and in this case, you have all the control. Control your smoking and you control the outcome of a challenge. Now go put all this knowledge to work improving your health!